Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aust Post is increasing shipping!

Unfortunately Australia Post has decided to scrap the international 50-125gm postage rate, and that means that the cost of sending two pendants will now be nearly three times as much as sending just one!
This is going to make a huge difference to a lot of Australian sellers.
I do apologise to my lovely international customers but I will be increasing my etsy shipping costs on Friday19th Oct.

In an effort to keep prices down I've decided to still subside shipping for over 50gm (...2 pendants and over) and will still not be charging as much as it actually costs.

I'll also be setting a maximum shipping price for multiple items (as many pendants as you like in the one transaction) at $6.70. And so I will manually refund back anything etsy charges for shipping after that amount.

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