Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My new Etsy 'About' Page

I've finally just created my Etsy 'About' page !
It shows pics of my property, studio and a few other things, so I hope you take a few minutes to have a look :)

Etsy would only allow me to put in 5 pics.
There were some that I could not fit in, so I'll show them here instead.

The first one is of 4 very important hair, furry creatures who share my life...my dogs Kira the border collie, Gypsy the toy poodle, and Patchy Lad and Vance, my two appaloosas.

And the next two pics are just some pendants and earrings that are on etsy at the moment.
They are not particularly good pics so it's probably good I couldn't fit them onto my etsy 'About' page..hehe

1 comment:

Sesenarts said...

Love your work! And the pics are great, particularly the horses. But then I have 2 of my own, so I'm I'm probably a little biased. Julie